My search for a teachers’ training institute  stopped when the first search result popped up on Google – Daphne’s International Teachers’ Training Institute – run by its dynamic director, Mrs.Daphne Paulose, with her passion for innovative  teaching.

This institute brings about a ‘new you’; making learning fun, interesting and triggering the dormant creativity in us. The course motivates us to learn, encouraging a thirst for knowledge interwoven with an overall personality development. The faculty at this institute have immense skills to simplify learning.

At the end of the course, we are overwhelmed with satisfaction and a sense of completeness which,  according to me,  places this institute at the No.1 position in preschool teachers’ training.

Name: Sneha Avinash Rao
Mob. No: 9686348529
Email: sneharao29@gmail.com