Mrs. Daphne Paulose,

B.Sc.(Hons), M.Ed.
Dip. in Montessori / Kindergarten (Canada)
P.G. Dip. in Montessori
P.G. Dip. in Preprimary Education
P.G. Dip. in Psychological Counselling
Adv. Dip. in Learning Disabilities
Member AMI , AMS and ACEI

Our first preschool was opened in 1983.

Being successful, the school gradually grew. A time came when we had 1000 preschool children and 42 teachers in 2 branches.

As the school grew, the need for trained teachers also grew. There were no training institutes who could provide trained hands the way we wanted them, so we taught our teachers on the job.

Almost 200 teachers received this training through our preschool which is 35 years old today. It was during this period that the idea of starting a teachers’ training institute took shape, and now there is no looking back.

Director Daphne Paulose did her schooling at :

1. Convent of Jesus and Mary – New Delhi
2. Carmel Convent – Gwalior, M.P

She comes from a very disciplined background, her father having been an Air Force officer.

She obtained a Science degree in Chemistry, Botany and Zoology from Mt. Carmel College, Bangalore in 1972.

She completed a Bachelor’s degree in Education from M.E.S. Teachers’ College, Malleswaram, Bangalore in 1978. And then took her Master’s degree in Education from Bangalore University in 1982. After this she has continuously  undergone training in various pre-primary methods of teaching, she continues to be a learner even today.

A well versed Teacher trainer, with 45 yrs of teaching experience, having taught at the preprimary, primary, High School and Teachers’ training levels. She was the founder Principal of Ujjval Vidhyalaya, the Alembic Glass Factory School at Whitefield for ten years. She is the founder Principal of a reputed preschool by the name of HAPPY HOURS PRESCHOOL for the past 35 years. Drawing from her vast experience of teaching, especially preschool children, the syllabus has been designed to train teachers to enable children to proceed to primary school with ease, confidence and success.

An integrated approach is followed, taking the best from the Montessori, Kindergarten and Nursery methods of preschool Teacher education to achieve this goal.

The Teachers’ Training Institute was started in November 2004 and has completed 15 years. We have enrolled more than 3000 students so far, of whom more than 2700 have completed the course, all of whom have been placed in various schools in India and abroad.


Best Study Center – 2016 to 2017
Awarded by AIECCE

TSR Book of Records – 2016
Awarded by Govt. of Odisha

Meritorious Service Award Gold Medal – 2016 Awarded by Govt. of Odisha

Jana Kalyan Award – 2016
Awarded by AIESAC

Seva Chakra Puraskar – 2014
Awarded By AIESAC
Mother Teresa Seva Ratna Award – 2014
Awarded by AIESAC
Shining Image of India – 2014
Awarded by AIESAC

Super Quality Crown – 2014
Awarded by AIESAC

Quality Grade Accreditation – 2014 – Awarded by AIESAC for the ‘Best Quality and Brand in Preschool Teachers’ Training’, that provides the most reliable and professional training, empowering students to successfully build their careers.


Mrs. Banumathi.M.

B.A., Dip in Montessori,
P.G Dip in Preprimary Education

Trained Montessori teacher with 19 yrs of teaching experience and excellent teaching skills.

Ms. Jerusha Lawrence

M.Sc., Dip in Montessori
P.G Dip in Preprimary Education

Trained, experienced Montessori teacher
with excellent teaching skills.