Mother Teresa Seva Ratna Award received for ‘Outstanding Individual Achievement and Distinguished Service to the Nation’

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The Last of us

A proper understanding of children is the best way to understand ourselves and reality around us. Children all over the world possess a miraculous physical and intellectual potential. This was realised and acknowledged only in the last few decades. This new understanding of the child should be passed on to all parents, educationists and other persons interested in children because education from the start of life could really change the present and future society . Knowledge of the child should become the center of our interest and the basis of a new form of education which serves to help human beings to reach a high level of emotional, intellectual and moral integration.

The means that we adopt to achieve this goal, be it the Montessori, Kindergarten or Nursery method, is not the most important consideration. What is more important is that the preschool child, for whom these various methods have been designed, benefits to the maximum, be it from a single method or a combination of the three methods. Having this open-minded, unbiased view, we are giving our teachers a bird’s-eye view of all the preschool methods of education.

Our course has been well received not only in India but in the USA, Canada, U.K, Malaysia and the Gulf Countries as well. More than 1130 schools in India have approached us for teachers and we have found placement for all our teacher trainees.


As Dr. Maria Montessori wished − To spread her system all over the world and make it accessible not only to children from affluent homes, but to impoverished children too.



Mrs. Daphne Paulose,

B.Sc.(Hons), M.Ed.
Dip. in Montessori / Kindergarten (Canada)
P.G. Dip. in Montessori
P.G. Dip. in Preprimary Education
P.G. Dip. in Psychological Counselling
Adv. Dip. in Learning Disabilities
Member AMI , AMS and ACEI